What is a Career Guidance and Counseling Program?

Career guidance is a one of the best process by which students become aware with the lot's of things related to their career like explore career options, and prepare for post-secondary opportunities.

A student’s career guidance and counseling program develops an individual's competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning after schooling.

Why Do We Need Career Counseling?

Students are trying to become a part of progressive world today, where technologies are booming day by day and there are lots of opportunities in various different fields where students can make a better education career so career counseling provides guidance to students and other to have a clear glimpse on what to pursue and how much time duration it takes to complete the course and fees and so many things related to career.

In today’s world there are also so many career options ranging like Management, Law, BBA, Engineering, mass communications and many more in which students can excel and make their bright future in these fields.

Choosing a field of study against your interests or skills could prove disastrous. And that’s where career counseling comes to help students for their better career selection.

Who Will Get Benefits from Career Guidance and Counseling Programs?

Anyone can get career counseling that is planning for doing something related to his or her interest and skills. Career counseling is a better option for everyone before starting something new so that they will get proper guidance regarding selected skill and field.

Where are Career Guidance and Counseling Programs offered?

There are lots of colleges and companies who are providing career counseling programs to students and other who are looking for counseling.

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