Score Predictor


  1. Total No. of Questions attempted (Both MCQ's and Non - MCQ's)
  2. Total No. of Questions Correct answered (Both MCQ's and Non - MCQ's)
  3. Total No. of Incorrect Questions (Only MCQ's)
  4. For every correct answer, there will be 3 marks and for wrong answer, negative marking of 1 mark and no marks will be deducted for Non-MCQ's.
  5. If your score is negative then percentile will be less than 5.

Personal Information

Paper TypeNo Of Question AttemptedNo Of Question CorrectNo Of Question InCorrect
VRC (34 Questions)
DILR (32 Questions)
QA (34 Questions)


  1. Percentile is calculated on the basis marks obtained in individual sections.
  2. Overall Percentile is calculated based on Total Markes Obtained and not on Sectional Percentile Obtained.
  3. Percentile is displayed on the basis of data. We tried to match your nearest percentile.