5 Things to you should know before Starting a Career in Marketing

  • BY Saurav Anand

  • Mar 18, 2021


Careers in the Marketing sector can get challenging, for people who don’t have their basics clear becomes the victim of it, whether it is its marketing research, Marketing Analytics, traditional and online or digital ways to do marketing, etc., there are so many things to discuss and it can be a little intimidating for the rookies, but that does not mean marketing has fewer career opportunities, on the contrary, it gets you one of the best opportunities in the area of Marketing, as marketing as a whole is a huge universe in its own, but that’s not what we are here to talk about, we are here talk about some of the basics yet one of the effective ways on how you can learn and develop skills and start your Career and seek opportunities in Marketing. 

One of the Basic and yet subtle definitions of Marketing- “ Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others”. – Philip Kotler.

Marketing is one of the Careers which is heavily based on either on some digital media or the traditional one which is known as “Word of Mouth or WoM “especially after the pandemic the value of marketing management, its research, and marketing jobs has increased on a basic and on a digital scale and in both the cases we are heavily dependent on technology these days, as companies these days use influencers to drive their products and any industry that depends heavily on technology has major changes year after year. Marketing is one among those landscapes that change so quickly, it’s difficult to stay up with the simplest practices. 

Now let’s jump into the 5 Things that you should know before Starting a Career in Marketing

1. Get Involved in Digital Marketing Programs or Courses and Offline Marketing

In the world of Pandemic and Work from Home Scenarios, you can’t argue with the fact that digitization has taken over and Careers in Marketing Management and Digital marketing sector is Skyrocketing in a short period and you can always rely on these Digital Marketing Management Courses which you can find in XYZ sites, which takes 6 months at least to clear your basics in Marketing, Market research and other related topics can help you excel in your Marketing and it eventually helps you get the right job in Marketing as well as it will clear your understanding on Marketing and its core values.

2. Find your Niche in Marketing

If you want to start your career in Marketing then knowing what you are selling, their preference, competition around you, and other analytics and feedbacks of your customers are very important, the whole concept of marketing is a vast and thorough process and it changes on based on the very preference of your customer and your awareness about the market and marketing analysis needs to be your core strength, to keep it blunt, your strategies is will help you grow or else your competitors will take it all. Your Niche needs to be something peculiar.

3. Marketing & Market Research and Analysis

Now that you know what you are getting into, figuring out the niche, and finding the right product then comes the come where you plan and start implementing your plans, here is to the research and the aim to understand the marketing mediums, whether it online or the traditional way of offline marketing, as to be precise the online market research have been on a whole another level, as it provides the right amount of attention and allows you to communicate with people, you can also use surveys to know what are people into according to your niche, which helps you know about the trending topics and how to take advantage of it. The whole purpose of you doing such Market research and analysis is to give you a competitive advantage, as so many companies use this platform to gain advantages on a short and long-term basis.

4. Know how to Advertise online and Offline

Now when it comes to the advertisement you will need to focus on two things in particular one is Offline Marketing and on the other hand Digital Marketing or Online Marketing, but both has one thing in common which is “Word of Mouth “as you will need people to discuss the things you’ll be offering.

Let’s talk about the ways to do Offline Marketing, it will mainly consist of awareness, reaching the target audience, promotions. Many use the Marketing Mix Strategy, which we will talk about in the next half of the article. The whole point of Offline Advertisement is to obtain information about the leads and sources, for instance, Print Media is a reliable source where people generally get information, there are other forms of strategies you can apply such as Brochure, Pamphlets, Banners, and Newspaper, etc. the best part of such traditional method is you don’t need the internet to do the marketing for you, any technical glitch can lead to a disastrous event, and people who respond to you through such traditional marketing are your valuable customers. Offline Marketing cannot be taken off the grid and it will be a hands-on kind of job. 

Well as to the Online Advertisement or Digital Marketing segment we come across the process to catch attention on a worldwide level whether it is a Pop-up ad, a flash animation, YouTube ads, banners, articles, blogs, etc. the online advertisement has a bigger reach in overall aspects, as you have to prepare a proper website, templates for a target audience which you can interact with, the information you come up with later it will leverage web-based analytics and you will get to spread your business online your very own target audience.

5. SEO & Website Orientation 

The website can only be successful if your digital presence is strong and valuable, your digital marketing skills will be in use. SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization will lead you to a better user interface, as the analytics shown by the tools you’ll use will eventually help you maximize the user interface. SEO will help you reach out to your target audience, it will provide relevance to the information, SEO will help your website or webpages to get spotted easily, which will eventually lead to more traffic and more clicks, higher engagement, and last but not the least will help you in search ranking.

  • SEO helps in reaching your choice of the target audience 
  • SEO Helps in creating Brand Imagine and help you get noticed
  • SEO helps you to become more user-friendly
  • SEO Helps in encouraging people to visit your site often as it will be recommended to them easily. By recommending more people it helps in creating brand credibility. 
  • SEO is extremely Cost-effective and helps you save a lot of time and money on research and analytics, mainly on Title, Description and Meta Keywords, Content Optimization, Internal linking, Keyword research, and analytics. 

A site without SEO analytics will not generate any leads nor will help you appear on the top of the search engines, which will result in less traffic and fewer clicks on your website. These clicks help you generate more traffic and help you in digitizing your site or in other words help you to reach a much larger audience. 

Additional Information

The 4 P’s of the Marketing mix: These 4 P’s of Marketing are known as the pillars of Marketing Strategy, it is a very basic element of marketing strategies, these strategies help you and your brand to promote, and to help you deliver the product efficiently

  • The product- product can be counted as the goods and services provided by you to the customer as per his or her needs. You as a marketer should know how and where you need to sell your good and in what condition you are selling your goods. If the product is damaged it won’t do any good, the quality of the good needs to be perfect.
  • Price- Pricing depends mainly on some factors which can be the segment which you want to target, it could be depending on the cost of production of the particular product, pricing also depends on the ability of the market and its outcomes. It can depend on the supply and demand of the goods and services required in the surroundings.  
  • Place- this is where you sell your good, a placing strategy is very much needed, as you need to make sure your location is catching every eye in the area, and don’t expect too much from the consumers, they only act according to their needs, it’s up to you on how you advertise your product in that particular place. 
  • Promotion- All the related aspects of advertisement and word of mouth, promotion banners, etc. comes under the Promotion.

To summarize the concept of 4 Ps of marketing in a subtle way, these marketing Mix strategies help providing with insights on how and where you should provide your services to the marketplace, whether it is an online business or offline. You have to make sure to thought-about all at once about the Product, Pricing, Place, and Promotion processes as you develop.

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