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Last-minute Preparation for BITSAT 2021

  • BY Saurav Anand

  • Aug 2, 2021


BITSAT 2021 Exam Day Guidelines

Students can check all the exam-related guidelines below. As a safety precaution, candidates must strictly adhere to the exam day guidelines.
You should not bring belongings such as calculators, bags, mobiles, electronic gadgets, etc., to the test venue.
If students will be signing and doing rough work, they should bring pens.
You will be asked to submit your fingerprint at the test center, so please make sure that your fingers are free of paint or henna.

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • From the moment a candidate enters the exam venue until the moment he or she leaves the venue, candidates need to maintain a social distance.
  • Besides masks and gloves, candidates should bring a hand sanitizer (50ml), a transparent water bottle, a simple pen with a transparent cover, and documents related to the exam (invitation, ID card, etc.). The venue will not allow any other items.
  • At the time of entry into the examination venue, candidates must show the Security Guard the signed Self Declaration given below (it is provided along with this Admit Card). It is mandatory to comply with this.
  • We cannot allow COVID-positive candidates to enter the examination center.
  • In order to keep Social Distancing at the Center, candidates entering as per their time slot will be texted.
  • We will use a thermal gun to check the candidate's temperature upon entering the exam venue. Applicants who meet the temperature acceptance standards as set by competent authorities will be allowed inside the exam venue.
  • In addition, the mapping of application numbers and lab numbers will not be displayed outside the exam facility, but as soon as a candidate enters the testing facility and presents their Admit Card and ID, the corresponding mapping will be provided to them.
  • In order to access the entry points, candidates are required to stand in the marked areas and follow the center staff's instructions.
  • During the registration process, candidates will be directed to use a sanitizer to sanitize their hands. During the registration process, a picture will be taken for later authentication.
  • During the duration of the exam, candidates will be monitored by CCTV cameras.
  • A day before the exam date, candidates will receive a text message informing them of the time slot to report at the testing center. As far as the entry into test centers is concerned, candidates are expected to ensure that they strictly adhere to their allocated time slots as entry will be based only on that time.
  • BITSAT 2021 results will be announced immediately after the exam is completed. The final score will be based on the total of all candidates' answers, as well as correct answers as well as incorrect answers.
  • A leading engineering entrance examination in India is the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT). Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BIT) campuses in Hyderabad, Pilani, Goa, and Dubai may conduct the test to induce admission into integrated degree programs in under and postgraduation degrees.
  • Our campus' infrastructure, excellent placement records,, and well-trained faculty make BITS one of the most popular institutes. The dates of BITSAT 2021 are August 3 through August 9. To be considered eligible for top engineering branches, candidates must score between 320 and 350 points. The following tips will help aspirants improve their scores on BITSAT 2021:

Time Management

When it comes to BITSAT, speed and accuracy are crucial. BITSAT requires candidates to know how to solve a problem quickly and efficiently, which gives them an edge over their competitors. The BITSAT 2021 aspirants can boost their scores by following the following suggestions in order to reach this standard. Graduates should be well-versed in concepts to such an extent that they can reproduce the content instantly. In order to achieve that, the student must repeatedly practice mock tests. This would gradually improve the student's accuracy and speed. The 150 questions a candidate may have attempted can be difficult to review even while taking BITSAT. It is therefore strongly advised that all the questions be attempted at once, so that mistakes are avoided to the maximum extent possible.

Speed is the Key

BITSAT has 125 questions on PCM, including 40 each in Physics and Chemistry, and 45 in Math. Three hours are allotted for the test.
In order to be successful, candidates must attempt to answer all the questions quickly. In order to give students enough time to tackle other questions, they must not focus on one question for too long.

Short-types Practice Questions

The BITSAT requires students to have solid foundations in all subjects and limits the questions to both short and tricky ones. A complete practice of short questions is also highly recommended, since most of the question paper is formula-based.

Subject-Specific Practice

Math is generally the most time-consuming subject in BITSAT. As soon as mathematics is completed, we should attempt Chemistry, Physics, English, and Logic. For candidates, the English and Logical Reasoning sections of the test require little time. Various subjects can be allocated time according to similar considerations.

BITSAT English Reasoning Section

In addition to PCM, there are also English and Logical Reasoning sections in the BITSAT (with 15 and 10 questions, respectively). You must have a strong command of the language and have a good understanding of how questions on English are posed in the BITSAT.

Practice BITSAT Mock Tests Online

There are many differences between taking an online exam and one taken offline. The candidate has the freedom to choose whichever questions he would like to refer to in the offline mode, which is not possible in an online mode for BITSAT. In order to become comfortable taking the BITSAT online, it is strongly recommended that candidates take online mock tests as much as possible to get used to the format, to feel confident on the day of the exam.

English shouldn't be left out

This is because BITSAT's English section only contains 15 questions, which can make it feel underpowered at times. In spite of this, given the extremely competitive nature of BITSAT, this section can still prove to be a differentiator in terms of the candidate's final score. As a result, the candidate should devote his full attention to this section

Having the presence of mind and remaining calm will help

It's also important to stay calm and composed when solving questions in BITSAT in addition to your speed. We are prone to making foolish mistakes when we try to answer questions quickly.
Keep your accuracy and avoid these mistakes.
  • At the end of the day, many ask, Could a candidate get the perfect result they deserve if they put in the right amount of effort on BITSAT?
We could phrase this very safely and in an extremely subtle way: dedication, determination, and devotion are all necessary to crack BITSAT. Success will then follow automatically.

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