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7 Careers To Know About in Law, India

  • BY Saurav Anand

  • Jul 20, 2021


Careers for law students in 2021  

"Sky is the limit". You must have read or hear this statement while searching career in law. Do you ever think is it really so? The answer is Yes. We can build our career in law to that extent which people never think of. There are many Advocates in India who charge lakhs for a single hearing, and also we can not avoid those Advocates who only use to do up and down in court on regular basis. So, what are the main things which make these Advocates from highly paid Advocates? The short and simplest answer is that we should study in our college time regularly and try to clear the maximum number of doubts in college itself. We should do internships as much as possible. So the basic thing is that we should study seriously on regular basis irrespective of any field in the area of law. Moreover, we have a lot of opportunities in 2021 to facilitate our studies and experiences which we will discuss in this article.


LLB is a well-known professional degree of law provisioning to a legal profession. These courses can be pursued either for 5 years or 3 years by graduates and undergraduates respectively. The course concentrates mainly on LLB subjects like Family law, Labour law, Conciliation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution systems, Indian Panel Code (IPC), Legal Writing, Mediation & Arbitration, legal Drafting, etc.

Choose the right course for you Here are the prime law courses over various specializations and education levels that you can choose from:

  • B.Com LLB
  • BA.LLB
  • BSc-LLB
  • LLB
  • LLM
  • Master of Business Law (MBL)

Law career in India

Plenty of trades are available for candidates holding LLB degrees to work and gain experience some of them are MNCs, Law firms, Government Agencies, litigations, Judicial Bodies, Banks, etc. These degree holders can explore the designated industries by getting job roles like Law Officer, Corporate Lawyer, Litigator, Advocate, etc.

Types of Law Careers

From working with NGOs, teaching in college, to exploring other legal fields, there is an end number of opportunities for law graduates, which are not only restricted to just practicing as an advocate in court or corporate law firms. When it comes to the distinct paths that can be succeeded, it is very important to make sure that a Law graduate can either work in the traditional profiles or can opt for administrative work. So, if you are worrying that what jobs are there in law then, go have a look here are some of the primary profiles or sectors you can work in or build a flourishing career in Law.

Lawyer Non-Lawyer

  • Law firms 
  • litigation administrator
  • Public prosecutor Chief financial officer
  • Legal academic Litigation support
  • Military Lawyer Legal secretary
  • Banking & Insurance sector Legal receptionist
  • Judiciary paralegal
  • Solicitor criminologist Professor of Law

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate law, A law firm is nothing but a business established by any individual or various lawyers to make an advantage by practicing law skills. It touches on the obligations and rights of all of the personalities involved with training, controlling, operating, and accomplishing a corporation. Corporate law is meant to be beneficial for business. It’s not meant to make it more laborious to get things done. The work profile further gets intensified when one specializes in a field of choice. if you are wondering that what jobs are there in law then, have a look at some of the major profiles or sectors you can operate in to build a successful career in Law. However, due to this pandemic going worldwide, the work performance is being done online.


Litigation is a career in the legal field which will make you appear in the field every single day. You need to work a lot for heights in this job profile. Your task will be mainly to assist, guide, type, draft, practice, or even much more. It has a wide diversification in this job role.

Banking & Insurance Sector

It tends to have its own legal department. It elects candidates basis on the examination they conduct voluntarily or through interviews, mostly they hire fresh law graduates in the post of an administrative officer (law) or specialist officer in law background. lastly, on the basis of merit excellence and interview, candidates are allocated and selected to their positions in a bank respectively.


A paralegal is commonly known as a legal assistant who works either in private law firms or public law firms as per their needs. The work profile of a paralegal is to perform various legal tasks for attorneys. Unlike a secretary, they gratify in major activities like arranging the preparation of hearings, conferences, trial matters, and communication with the clients. Apart from the aforementioned work/profiles areas, here are some other options available that you can consider building a successful career in Law: 

● Law Firm Administrator [Also called Chief Operating Officers / Chief Managing Officers]
● Chief Financial Officer
● Patent Attorney
● Immigration Assistant
● Company Secretary
● Mediator
● Trade Mark Attorney

Legal Academic

For the post of a law professor in colleges or universities, the basic criteria for this job are to have a degree of LLM that is a master's in law. You can work as a full-time professor on a contractual basis.

Private Practice

Private lawyers can practice privately which may be incorporated with some firm or practice in their personal office or space KEYNOTE. Law is a profession that is based mostly on your communication skills. When you graduate, it is your personal efforts and networking-that you’ve done throughout your course, which will encourage you to land your dream job and push you towards greater heights.  Some students manage to be overly academic, excelling all their exams, having legal maxims at the tip of their tongue, and memorizing all the case laws while this tendency towards academics is unquestionably helpful, it is not sufficient to excel and may eat tirelessly into the moment you should be establishing into other developing essential skills.

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