Ultimate Guide to help in choosing the Right Engineering College

  • BY Saurav Anand

  • Mar 21, 2021


Before getting into an Engineering College one must look for several factors that can be helpful for an individual, it can be the Academic Culture, Financial Aids that has been provided by the colleges, scholarships given by the college, fee waivers, etc. but the students should keep in mind that all these factors are just temporary but the opportunities and connection a student will gain after graduating from an Engineering College will stay forever. It is very important to have good academic sessions in college which eventually leads you to have a better start professionally.

1. Establishment

It is necessary to get a college education to grow and to gain exposure, and gaining exposure mainly comes from the colleges which are old enough to give you the proper exposure, for instance, institutes like IIT’s, IIT Roorkee was established in the year 1847, one of the oldest institutions of India is a prime example how the oldest of these institution gives the best education system, curriculum, infrastructure, placement opportunities, etc. for students who are willing to put maximum efforts in getting into such institutions.

These older and prime institutions have better

  • Reach
  • Alumni power is better
  • Diversity
  • Experienced faculty members
  • Higher salary

These Top-notch institutions are not that easy to get in terms of, you have to study for countless hours, practice for the entrance examinations, manage fees and monetary issues, there are many factors to look into before getting into premier universities.

Although it will be biased of us if we underestimate the institutions which have been established in recent years, these institutions have been flourishing and providing the education which is needed to give the best future possible to our future generations.

2. Branch Vs. College

The branch is your preference, and unlike colleges, the branch will stay with the rest of your career, thus it is important to choose a particular branch of your choice because at the end of the day you will be the one who will get the best of its influences and later will share the skills that you have acquired by the domain that you are in. if you are interested in a particular field of study then many chooses branch but if no then you can always look after colleges.

Whereas a good Engineering college in your state or the country will get you the best advantages all around, to make it more clear, here are some of the advantages you will get from a good engineering college:

  • Better professors
  • Better opportunities
  • Better infrastructure
  • Exposure from the elite and professionals
  • Boost in self-esteem

But why not get the best of both worlds, there are possibilities, you may not get a good job even if you study in a good college if that particular college is not preferred by the recruiters and imagine if you get into a good branch but you are not interested in it and you don’t see any future after it.

So, if you put it in perspective, one must find the right balance between a college and a branch because, at the end of the day, you will be the one who has to grind your way to the top by studying and finding the right career after graduating from a good college.

3. Infrastructure

Good educational institutions not only relies on teaching skills but they also need to provide a top-notch, State-of-the-Art infrastructure, not because it looks good for the eye but it is also important to provide all the necessary infrastructural facilities to the students, by providing all the necessary facilities, students will be eager to come and join the morning lectures, they will be more excited to learn new things if the institution gives them the proper instruments and challenge them to be more creative with it.

Infrastructure not only attracts students but it plays a major role in the development of the university or to the institution, with a proper set of

  • Laboratories
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Library
  • IT Labs and many more.

The infrastructure is important for students

  • Comfort- Students look for institutions where they can use their creativity to the fullest and live a comfortable life afterward. And it doesn’t only work well for the students but even teachers also need proper classrooms, lab, lighting and other facilities like sanitary services, ventilation, etc.
  • A proper infrastructure gives plenty of room for tests and practices
  • Space where students can perform and showcase their talent.

4. Placement

To build a solid foundation one must study from the best institution to gain more industrial or working exposure and secure a better future. And the best way any student can do all that is by the placement in somewhat the best companies which can only be provided by the institution, where he or she studies in. A good placement provided by the college is a necessity.

The placements provided by the Engineering Colleges are very crucial for students

  • Campus placement is not only beneficial for students but it also puts college in the limelight.
  • Placement procedures save time for companies as they come to the college for recruiting their choice of candidates.
  • Once the company sees how many students are graduating from the particular college, they tend to come to the same college quite often for placements as it develops trust between the college and the institute.
  • Students have a higher chance of getting selected for campus placement.

5. History

The reasons why you should look at college’s history

  • The longest known universities have better reach and strong worth ethics.
  • A good reputation of a college develops the interests of multi-national companies.
  • Students get to learn from the mellow and more experienced faculties.
  • Strong Alumni network
  • Departmentalisations

6. Alumni

For any institution, it is a must to have a good relationship with its alumni because it shows the relationship between the College (Engineering) and students.

  • The Alumni network helps the institution grow its brand.
  • It can be beneficial for both students and the institution, if the institution provides a world-class education system chances are the alumni will always stand by your side to show how much each has gained a fair share of experience and knowledge.
  • Boosting employment
  • Skill development over some time.

7. Faculty Members of the Institution

Faculty in any premium Engineering College plays a vital role in nurturing the core competencies of the institution and faculties play a major role in mentoring students and lead them to a better future. Faculties in Engineering College should provide all the necessary interaction and build a strong relationship with students in the classrooms, one of the things we should look for before getting into engineering institutions is the reviews on how much the faculty pays attention to interaction, and ice-breaking sessions.

  • Classroom Discussions- the faculties can help the student to become more diverse, their way of teaching and creative methods to keep the lectures entertaining is way more appreciable than the mediocre ones.
  • A diverse faculty can help a student gain more and understand the practicality of real-life situations, which helps when you look at it from a long-term perspective.

8. Industrial Visit

With the technological advancement and growing demand for exposure, Industrial visits have shown a significant amount of positive change in student’s life. And as a part of any Engineering College Curriculum, it mainly provides the insight or working conditions of a certain company.

Students at Industrial Visits get to see the ground reality of working in an industry or organization.

Students are well aware of theoretical knowledge but on the other hand, these practices help students to adapt to the challenges practically.

These visits are organized by the Engineering Colleges themselves to provide a different type of opportunity for students.

9. Fees and Package Comparison

Financial safety is very important while choosing an Engineering College, as it has a direct impact on students as it is higher compared to the earlier days, many students struggle to pay the debt after graduating college, they take more loans than required and don’t get placed in the top-notch companies, and the result gets disastrous, as the financial burden rises, this is why the college should charge fees according to their placement records as to how many companies comes and recruits student and give them a better average salary on time.

For instance: if the Engineering College’s 4 years fee is 16 lakhs and their average salary offered is less than 4 Lakhs then a student will have 4 years to pay back the loan! And that is just heartbreaking for anyone. So I, suggest you always check the placement, average and highest package offered and company visiting records.

10. Extra-Curricular Activities

An extra-curricular activity plays an important role in Engineering Colleges; it helps students to stay relaxed after such a hectic schedule, these activities take place inside the College Campus.

  • Extracurricular activities help the student to interact with each other.
  • Extracurricular activities bring balance between studies and sporting events.
  • Support in certification in terms of sports and volunteering.
  • Development in characteristics

These are some of the advantages extracurricular bring to the table and it is only possible if the Engineering College supports such movements.

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