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Year Gap Sometimes Needed After 12th

  • BY Saurav Anand

  • Jul 30, 2021


Year gap sometimes needed after 12th

Why Year Gap is sometimes necessary after the 12th?

Many students these days are facing this dilemma, whether to drop a year after 12th or not. Being one of the most crucial stages in someone's career, the 12th gives the students some idea about the subject they want to proceed with. However, many students remain confused about their subject preference or want to study for the JEE or NEET.

It has been a troublesome factor for many students, as they are used to attending daily school, which keeps them engaged with school activities. Dropping one whole year will require a completely different mindset. And there are factors mentals factors as well, as your batchmates will become one step ahead of you in their career journey. And dropping one year will keep you under mental pressure that you have to do well in the examination, otherwise, the year will go to waste.

However, it can be appropriate for some students, who have confidence in themselves that they can take their preparation to the next level, or students who failed to excel in the examination due to health issues. 

TOP 3 Reasons Why Students Take a Year Gap

Unable to Crack a Certain Examination

Everyone is familiar with the cut-throat competition, involving the exams like JEE, NEET, etc. Ranking high in these types of competitive exams has been a major challenge for students all across the country. As lakhs of students appear for these exams every year. Around 10 lakh students appear for JEE every year. As a result, the cut-offs for good colleges remain extremely high every year.If you half-heartedly go for these examinations, your rank will surely look like a phone number, out of a telephone dictionary. 
So, is it a wise decision to drop a year, you have to ask yourselves some questions first, 

The Margin by Which You Missed Your Desired Rank, in Your First Attempt Just After 12th.

Analyze the difference in your marks, and the desired marks required for a respectable college. In your opinion, if the difference makes sense, such as 20 to 30 marks, then you should drop another year and follow your instincts. The probability is high that you can cover that small difference in a year.

Being said that, if the difference seems high, like for example on your first attempt in JEE, you got 34 out of 360, you can't be confident about getting 150 or 200 out of 360 next year. Covering that much difference has a low probability.

Were You Able a Secure a Decent College if Not Your Dream College

If you do manage to secure a decent college, then dropping a whole year can be a bit unnecessary. You should take admission in that college while preparing on the side for the next attempt. So even if you aren't able to score the desired rank for your dream college, you don't have to bear the burden of a year drop in your profile. Moreover, the first year syllabus is quite similar to that of its entrance exams, so preparing on the side should be that hard.

How Tough is The Exam That You Are Appearing For?

Various competitive exams like CLAT, SET, NCHMCT JEE, DU JAT, etc. are pretty easy to crack compared to JEE and NEET exams. JEE and NEET exams require a lot of hard studying hours for months, to secure a decent rank. You should be motivated enough to do a relentless year-long preparation for these types of exams. 
Students tend to get lazy or lose interest in the middle of their preparations. And as a result of this, they score low marks in their 2nd attempt which intimately make them depressed. So think it through carefully, before dropping a year for these types of exams.

Relatively, the other exams that are mainly based on reasoning, aptitude, general awareness, etc require more or less 2-3 months of study. So you should go for a drop, or take admission in a regular course while preparing fir them on the side. 

Unable to Score Well in Both the Board Exams and Entrance Exams

If students are scoreless in both the exams, they view it as a dead-end, for their career journey. They drop a year believing that they are out of options.
But always remember, there is no such thing as a dead-end, there's always a way out. C
Try taking admission in Tier 2 colleges, or private institutions, the cut-offs in these types of institutions are not that high. If it doesn't work out, you can take a certificate course, language course, or skills development course instead while dropping a year. Therefore, if you gain admission to a college of your choice, this will make your profile stronger than that of other students.

A Student Having Very Little not Preparation to Appear For the First Attempt 

Exams like JEE and NEET, being one of the toughest exams, need time for preparation. This can't be done in a matter of weeks. A student has to incorporate hard studying hours for months, to secure a decent rank. If you are unsatisfied with your first attempt, believe that you can make a significant improvement on the next attempt, then dropping a year can make sense. However, one must consider the reasons behind the lack of preparation. If the reasons include a lazy attitude, losing focus from studying long hours, or exam phobia, then think twice to go for a year gap. Having said that, exams like CLAT, SET, NCHMCT JEE, DU JAT, etc don't require months of diligent studying. The syllabus can be covered comfortably within 2-3 months of diligent studying. So if you want to take a year off for those,  then you should go for it.


Whether you should take a year drop or not, should be completely up to you. Don't let others' opinions be imposed upon you. You should be able to evaluate yourself and decide how you should proceed further in your career journey. And don't only consider your instant blindly, take every point maintained above into consideration, before making any decision. 

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