GLAU - GLA University, Mathura

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh | Estd.: 2010

Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE,UCG,AIU


We are truly proud that today, the GLA Institutes that were started as a tribute to Shri Ganeshi Lal Agarwal, are now recognized as a University. It is a privilege to have ensured that our primary goal, of meeting the educational needs of students in the region is fulfilled to the best of our abilities. In the process, we have discovered that for our students, over and beyond infrastructure facilities and the teaching methodologies, it is the environment that makes them comfortable during the time they spend here. To that extent, special efforts have been made to provide such an enabling environment. Be it a value system that reflects the best of the values from the region, to a diet that is both familiar and healthy to a vast majority of them.

We provide great significance to interactive learning and two-communication processes, thereby making the learning environment sincere and responsive. With teachers who are acknowledged experts in their field, it is an environment that combines the best of pedagogy with an encouragement to ask, be curious.

Today, when the work environment demands a lot more beyond just knowledge and marks,   a lot of emphases is laid on the overall personality development of the students so as to foster in them the necessary drive and confidence to meet the demands and challenges of the modern world.
Helping us achieve this are our state-of-the-art infrastructure, picturesque & inspiring setting, and devoted team of faculty members and administrators. The learning ambiance at all the constituting Institutions is perfectly suited for all-round growth and academic excellence.

Today, the university has a proud record of evolving efficient, confident, and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers, pharmacists, and entrepreneurs with global thinking and a futuristic mindset that will contribute to nation-building with a strong adherence to corporate ethics.

A key part of the learning experience is what students do beyond their classrooms. Keeping this in mind, the hostel facilities in the University premises have been designed with the utmost care and attention so that the students can feel secure and at ease. The idea is to ensure that our students are provided with every facility they could possibly require, to fulfill their potential and develop an attitude to life that will serve them for their life beyond the boundaries of GLA University.

“I invite you to prepare yourself for the opportunities of the new millennium at our institute, with its mix of academic offerings and qualifications in established as well as emerging areas. Today, in our seventeenth year, I feel we have learned well to provide an optimum mix of competitive academic inputs, open-mindedness, and learner-focused setup.

It is, therefore, very essential that you choose a program, which meets your aptitude, capability, and capacity.

You will find a warm welcome at GLA University if you seek your personal and professional development”

Welcome to a holistic learning experience!!

Narayan Das Agrawal