IMI - International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, Odisha | Estd.: 2011

Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE,AIU,NBA




Business Administration


6 courses


SpecializationEligibilitySelection CriteriaTotal FeesAvg. PackageForm Cost
Finance Graduation with 50%CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT scores & PI1227000 843000 ₹ 1180.000
₹ 450.000
Marketing Graduation with 50%CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT scores & PI1227000 843000 ₹ 1180.000
₹ 450.000
Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior Graduation with 50%CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT scores & PI1227000 843000 ₹ 1180.000
₹ 450.000
Decision Science and Operations Graduation with 50%CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT scores & PI1227000 843000 ₹ 1180.000
₹ 450.000
Strategy Graduation with 50%CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT scores & PI1227000 843000 ₹ 1180.000
₹ 450.000
Information Management and Analytics Graduation with 50%CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT scores & PI1227000 843000 ₹ 1180.000
₹ 450.000

Courses Details


Given are the details about IMI Bhubaneswar fees of the PGDM Program offered by IMI Bhubaneswar, the course is divided into six trimesters,  each of which is 11-12 weeks long. Throughout the first three trimesters, students take foundation courses across several core areas of management.

In the IMI Bhubaneswar, these courses serve to provide students with an understanding of the following functional areas:

  • Basic areas, e.g. Economics and Organizational Behavior

  • Techniques, e.g. Statistics and Research Methods

  • Functional areas, e.g. Marketing and Finance

  • Integrative areas, e.g. Strategy and International Business

  • Technology, e.g. Management Information Systems

  • Emerging Areas, e.g. Business Analytics and Social Media Analytics

Core Courses at IMI Bhubaneswar:

  •  Business Analytics

  •  Business Communication Skills I & II

  •  Business Mathematics

  •  Business Statistics

  •  Cost & Management Accounting

  •  Corporate Governance & Business Ethics

  •  Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development

  •  Financial Accounting & Analysis

  •  Financial Management I & II

  •  Human Resource Management

  •  Information Technology for Decision Making

  •  Individual Dynamics

  •  International Business

  •  Legal Aspects in Business

  •  Management Information Systems

  •  Managerial Economics

  •  Macroeconomic Theory & Policy

  •  Marketing Management I & II

  •  Organisational Design & Theory

  •  Operation Management I & II

  •  Research Methods for Management

  •  Strategic Management I & II

  1. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Elective Courses:

IMI Bhubaneswar offers courses in the 2nd year that allow students to pursue interests in several functional areas. By specializing in a functional area of their choice, students will have an opportunity to pursue their interests. At IMI Bhubaneswar, Marketing, Finance, Organisational Behavior & Human Resource Management, Decision Sciences & Operations, Information Management & Analytics, and Strategy are among the areas in which students may specialize.

 During the summer at IMI Bhubaneswar, students are entitled to take a course of independent study (CIS) in lieu of an elective in order for them to pursue their interests in a particular field, provided they meet the conditions specified by the university for the purpose and are reviewed periodically. The following is an indicative list of elective courses offered during the 2nd year of study, which is subject to change.




Decision Science and Operations



Wealth Management and Personal Finance

Consumer Behaviour

Employee Relations and Labour Laws

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Business in Emerging Markets

Data Science Using R

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Product and Brand Management

Corporate Leadership

Service Operations Management

Managing Business Risks in Uncertain Times

Visualization and Dashboard

Financial Statement Analysis and Forensic Accounting

Sales and Distribution Management

Recruitment and Selection

Project Management

Strategizing & Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Block Chain and Cyber Security

Financial Econometrics

International Marketing

Advanced HRM

Total Quality Management and Six Sigma

Business Negotiation Skills

Finance and Risk Analytics

Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication

Training and Development

Operations Research


Marketing Analytics

Business Valuation

Marketing Research

Performance and Compensation Management

Supply Chain Analytics


Customer Relationship Management

International Finance

Marketing of Services

HR Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics


Digital Marketing

Management Controls & Strategic Cost Management

Retail Marketing

Business Negotiation Skills



Web and Social Media Analytics

Financial Derivatives

Rural Marketing




Supply Chain Analytics

Management of Banks

Business Forecasting




HR Analytics Enterprise Resource Planning

Project and Start Up Finance

Marketing Analytics





Strategic Financial Management

Customer Relationship Management





Business Forecasting

Digital Marketing





Strategizing & Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Web and Social Media Analytics





Finance and Risk Analytics






Summer Internship at IMI Bhubaneswar:

As part of the IMI Bhubaneswar program, students participate in a Summer Project with leading companies to gain hands-on experience in applying core concepts and functional skills. IMI Bhubaneswar students benefit from 'Learning by Doing' because they can apply theory in the workplace. Each project will be completed in accordance with company specifications. During their stay at IMI Bhubaneswar, the students are assigned a company executive to work with for 8-10 weeks. Students have also been rewarded with Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) in recognition of their excellence during their internships.


At IMI Bhubaneswar, faculty members are free to use the pedagogy that suits their educational needs. During classroom instruction, lecturers would conduct case discussions, present presentations, assign projects, and do assignments. We will emphasize participatory and interactive methods of learning at IMI Bhubaneswar. The IMI Bhubaneswar campus also has adjunct or visiting faculty from the IMI Delhi campus. At our lectures, we also feature industry practitioners, so students can gain insight into current business practices.

Schedule of classes:

Students at IMI BhubaneswarPGDM classes begin at 8.30 am every day and end in the evening or on weekends, depending on the program. We have 60-minute classes. Attendance at every class is required. Evaluation:

IMI Bhubaneswar continuously evaluates students' performance throughout the six trimesters, culminating in their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), calculated on a 10-point scale.



The Programme

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The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management for Professionals was started by the Institute in July 1986 in Delhi. The program was started by IMI Bhubaneswar in September 2013. The program offered by IMI Bhubaneswar is a reflection of its two-year full-time program in terms of its content and academic rigor keeping in view the commitment of IMI to promote post-experience management education in the country.

In the IMI Bhubaneswar program, knowledge and skills are imparted in key functional areas and the fundamentals of management. Professionals who have not had the opportunity to obtain formal management education are recommended to take it. AICTE has approved the program.

Salient Features of IMI Bhubaneswar

1. AICTE approved IMI Bhubaneswar, Ministry of HRD, Government of India

2. This program will help you complete your professional education at IMI Bhubaneswar

3. Qualification recognized by IMI Bhubaneswar for higher education like Fellowship Programme (FPM)

4. Leadership Skills are developed at IMI Bhubaneswar through:

  • Leadership Talks/Interactions

  • Robust Mentorship Module

  • Group and Team Based activities

  • Participative and Challenging Learning Pedagogy

5. Applying application-based learning across business functions at IMI Bhubaneswar through:

  • Bloomberg Terminals Lab

  • Business Communication Lab

  • SAP Next Gen Lab

  • Marketing Simulation Lab

6. Innovative Teaching Pedagogies at IMI Bhubaneswar:

  • Lectures & Discussions

  • National & International Level Case Studies

  • Role Plays

  • Simulation & Gamification

  • Real-life Projects

7.  A new age of courses offered by IMI Bhubaneswar that meet industry needs:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Analytics

  • BlockChain

  • Digital Marketing

  • Supply Chain Analytics

  • Behavioural Finance

8. Industry-recognized certifications from IMI Bhubaneswar include:

  • Six Sigma (Green Belt)



  • NSE

  • Data Visualization

9. IMI Bhubaneswar's Blended Learning (Offline & Online) option provides more flexibility to working executives (Participants).

  • In-Campus Classes: 550 Hours

  • Off-Campus Classes: 350 Hours

  • Capstone Project: 120 Hours

10. The participants of the IMI Bhubaneswar International Exposure will be provided with:

  • Course Teaching by International Faculty

  • Interactions/Talks by International Faculty

  • Participation in International Conferences & Round Table

  • Enrolment in certification courses offered by International Institution

11. Conceptual knowledge gets tested in IMI Bhubaneswar with a real-life capstone project

12. Participants gets the IMI Bhubaneswar Alumni membership for future Growth

13. The IMI Bhubaneswar offers the opportunity for students to interact with various Business Leaders like CEOs, CXOs, first-time start-up owners, Technology leaders, etc. in institution-driven programs like Conferences, Round tables, Business Thought Leadership series, Scheduled Class sessions, Webinars, etc.

14.  With the support of IMI Incubation Foundation, explore and try entrepreneurial ventures at IMI Bhubaneswar.

Program Objectives

  • To impart theoretical knowledge in the foundational and functional areas of management (Conceptualization) at IMI Bhubaneswar

  • IMI Bhubaneswar To develop analytical skills in students for taking workplace decisions by imparting an understanding of multi-disciplinary management tools and techniques (Analysis)

  •  Students are exposed to case studies and various experiential learning situations at IMI Bhubaneswar to enhance their understanding of real-world business challenges (Application)

  • Achieving a high level of social awareness and ethical behavior (Leadership) at IMI Bhubaneswar

PGCPM Overview

Starting in October 2020, IMI Bhubaneswar will offer a Post-Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCPM). The 11-month PGCPM program will be offered in partnership with upGrad, the world's leading online education site.

There is an IMI Bhubaneswar program that operates online and uses a technology-based platform for the delivery of live classes. A key objective of this program is to promote industry-oriented management education in the country, across multiple functional domains, thereby supporting the mission of IMI Bhubaneswar. Academic rigor and quality education are hallmarks of the PGCPM program at IMI Bhubaneswar. Management skills and knowledge are imparted as a result of the program

FPM Program Structure

In IMI Bhubaneswar, there are two phases to the program. A comprehensive examination (CE) follows the course work in the first phase of the two-year program. Scholars are encouraged to choose areas of interest for their CEE at IMI Bhubaneswar. CE aims to provide the scholars with an opportunity to identify their area of interest and to build solid background knowledge for their dissertation.

IMI Bhubaneswar During the second phase, scholars are expected to work on their dissertations. FPM will be awarded to the scholar who has completed phase two of the program, and who has completed and submitted an approved thesis proposal, as well as defended the thesis before the research committee.