RIIM - Ramachandran International Institute Of Management, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra | Estd.: 2005

Type: Private | Approved By: AICTE


Dear Aspirants,

Vision of RIIM states:

“Creating a world class centre of excellence in management education, training & research thus enabling youth to develop their potential and transform as global leaders.”

This is not merely a collection of words but a mandate that we are modelled around and work towards making each word a reality.

Today, more than ever, disruption is the new norm. Every day we see an age-old organization with proven track record giving way to new age organizations built on the foundation of disruption. For these new kids on the block, disruption is not an event but the very way of doing business. Young business like AirBnB, OYO Rooms, UBER, OLA, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Facebook to name a have come from nowhere and are already challenging the might of the well-established organizations. The world is increasingly becoming more connected and interdependent in the way in which the businesses operate today with a focus shifting on the emerging markets. Otherwise how does one explain Walmart’s decision to buy controlling stake in Flipkart, Beckshire Hathway’s decision to invest in Paytm and Softbank’s decision to invest in new age businesses. This clearly states that the business landscape is changing & changing rapidly and this means that the workforce of tomorrow is in for a big challenge, which is to not only learn but also re-learn and up-learn all through the course of their professional career. It is important that they possess the skills of tomorrow to remain on top of the game called business whether they pursue a professional career or take an entrepreneurial plunge.

Dr. Kumendra Raheja